Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Progress Made, but Nothing 100% Complete

Tomorrow is 7 weeks since we closed on our new home. It's been 7 long weeks of dust, dirt, and hard work...

Unfortunately there really isn't anything we can say is 100% complete, but so much progress has been made.

The Living Room 

Nate and I hung the drywall. I am sure that Nate wished he had a helper other than me, but we did it. We had many late Nate's after I finished working to get it hung throughout the house. 

 Nate did the taping, mudding, and sanding which was a lot of work. Since we are no experts in this and our walls are absolutely not square, it took a lot of mud to get it where we could at least live with it. We wound up spraying a light texture on the walls to try and hide some of the blemishes.

I wanted a very light gray paint color, and chose Behr Silver Drop, which I cannot seem to capture the color of with any picture. Unless you have something white against it, it does not look gray, it looks white. It is a nice clean color and definitely freshens everything up. 

This archway gave Nate a run for his money, but it turned out in the end.

Looking from living room into dining room

Love the color of our new carpet. It is a darker gray and looks terrific with the LVT floors in the dining room as well as the dark wood trim. 

Mikko testing out a wooden claw he made

TV up and electric fireplace together... but still using camping chairs lol!

Our living room furniture should arrive on Thursday. Once that is here I will post "after" pictures even though we won't have the crown molding or trim complete.

Dining Room Progress

Dining Room Renovation 

When we first purchased our home I don't believe it crossed either of our minds that the Dining Room would be renovated. We assumed we would replaced the laminate flooring and paint the walls, but that was about it. After we were in and realized that the walls were textured paneling and that the texture chipped off in chunks in random places we decided just to go for it. 


Demo Begins

Look a new wall paper pattern that we hadn't seen in the living room! I think this light green with pink roses is number 5 or 6, I lost count. 

Plaster removal was a total family project, no one escaped that nightmare. 

The plaster is gone... Nate and I contemplate taking out part of the wall between the kitchen and dining room. We debated this one. Do we want it open, do we like the kitchen separate from the rest of the house...

We took the wall out!

Nate conquered THE WALL!

Drywall goes up. 

Somewhere at the point above exhaustion took over, we didn't care much about documenting progress, we just wanted it done! So we don't have any pictures between drywall mud and walls finished.. 

Nate did a wonderful job installing our new floors. They are absolutely gorgeous. Everyone who has entered our home has commented on them. I was slightly nervous about going with LVT (Luxury Vinyl Tile Planks). Such a modern material in an older home just didn't seem right, but they are beautiful and we love them!


Looking from kitchen through dining room into living room

I love the dining room it looks great! Unfortunately as of today this isn't how it looks anymore... The dining room table is crammed into the kitchen and all of the fixtures and supplies for our brand new upstairs bathroom are spread all over! Yes, we are getting a bathroom upstairs!!! Woohoo! 

Pretty sure this sums up how we felt when the walls and floors were done!