Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Progress Made, but Nothing 100% Complete

Tomorrow is 7 weeks since we closed on our new home. It's been 7 long weeks of dust, dirt, and hard work...

Unfortunately there really isn't anything we can say is 100% complete, but so much progress has been made.

The Living Room 

Nate and I hung the drywall. I am sure that Nate wished he had a helper other than me, but we did it. We had many late Nate's after I finished working to get it hung throughout the house. 

 Nate did the taping, mudding, and sanding which was a lot of work. Since we are no experts in this and our walls are absolutely not square, it took a lot of mud to get it where we could at least live with it. We wound up spraying a light texture on the walls to try and hide some of the blemishes.

I wanted a very light gray paint color, and chose Behr Silver Drop, which I cannot seem to capture the color of with any picture. Unless you have something white against it, it does not look gray, it looks white. It is a nice clean color and definitely freshens everything up. 

This archway gave Nate a run for his money, but it turned out in the end.

Looking from living room into dining room

Love the color of our new carpet. It is a darker gray and looks terrific with the LVT floors in the dining room as well as the dark wood trim. 

Mikko testing out a wooden claw he made

TV up and electric fireplace together... but still using camping chairs lol!

Our living room furniture should arrive on Thursday. Once that is here I will post "after" pictures even though we won't have the crown molding or trim complete.

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